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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Nannies

COVID-19 Precautions?

During this time we are trying to be extremely diligent in limiting exposure by providing one nanny to one family, sick nannies will never be utilized, and washing hands and toys regularly are in effect.  Most hotels will require our team to wear a mask.  You will be able to talk with your nanny ahead of time to add in your own precautions as well.


1. How do you screen your nannies?
All nannies have substantial experience working with children and are carefully screened including criminal background checks. Each nanny has First Aid and CPR training. References are also checked. All nannies attend an extensive interview and orientation session.

2. What age are your nannies?
We have nannies of various ages, all of which are at least 18 years old. All of the nannies have child care experience and enjoy working with children. Our goal is to match the nanny’s expertise and experience with each request.

3. What age(s) of children do your nannies work with?
Our agency provides care for all ages of children, and occasionally for older persons in special circumstances.

4. Do you have nannies who are experienced with special needs children?
Yes, we do have some nannies with knowledge relating to special needs children. Please be specific about the special needs for your children so that we can place the most qualified nanny for your family.

Booking a Nanny

5. How much notice do I need to give to book a nanny?
With 24 hours notice (more for holiday periods and needs of five days or longer) we will be able to provide a nanny for your family. We are often capable of fulfilling requests of less than 24 hours notice and though we are not able to promise service, we will always be happy to try our utmost.

6. Will I have the same nanny for the entire schedule I requested?
Our goal is always to place the same nanny for your schedule when possible. It is helpful if you can give us all of the times at once.

7. What hours do the nannies work?
Our nannies are available all hours including very early in the morning and late into the evening and occasionally over night. Don’t be afraid to request odd hours!


Child Care Services

8. Where will I meet the nanny? Does she come to the hotel/condo/house?
Your nanny will come directly to you at your location (hotel, condo, residence). We have nannies who work all over the island of Maui and in the Lanai resorts.

9. Will the nanny bring activities? What will the children do with the nanny?
All nannies are required to bring their “nanny bags” with age appropriate indoor and outdoor activities including arts, crafts, sporting games, toys, and books, often with a Hawaiian theme. If desired, and with your permission, nannies may also take children swimming or to play at the beach.

10. Can the nanny take my children swimming or to the beach?
Yes. If swimming is requested we will make every effort to find a nanny willing to do so. We have many nannies that are experienced and comfortable with taking children to the water or for play at the beach. You will be asked to sign a permission slip in reference to swimming. Nannies are directed to use their own judgement as it relates to safety and are encouraged to use the pool over the ocean.

11. Can I charge payment to my credit card?
Credit cards are not an accepted form of payment and we please ask you to pay your nanny directly in cash or traveler’s check at the end of each period of service. We ask for credit card information in order to secure a nanny for your family and are not able to hold a nanny for families who have not provided us with a credit card.

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