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Guest Letters

Aloha Nanny Connection,

After just returning from our fabulous week in Maui, I was compelled to write a note and thank you for the great service. Everything from the initial scheduling with the office to the actual child-care from our nanny was flawless, professional and reassuring. Courtney was able to answer all my questions in a clear, informative manner and I was thrilled she was able to find us a nanny available for the week on rather short notice.

Our nanny was a wonderful nanny – she was able to reassure my 2 1/2 year old son and provide a fun, warm and caring environment for him. I’d never utilized a service like The Nanny Connection before and you made me feel so comfortable with the arrangement. My son is still talking about his nanny, which says it all.

Thank you again,
The Rancourt Family


Nanny Connection,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. The nanny babysat our children on Thursday March 10th. While we were out, we were notified of the Tsunami Warning, we rushed back to our hotel worried that she may have had to evacute with our children. We were really quite frantic. When we arrived at our room, our children were sound asleep, and our nanny was as calm as could be. Her calmness really helped make us feel so much better. She gave us some advice on how to stay safe during the warning. Having her there really made us feel so much better. Please let her know how much we appreciated her help!

Kind Regards,

The Olsen Family
Phoenix, AZ



I recently visited Maui and I am writing to highly recommend The Nanny Connection. When my husband shared that he reserved a Nanny so we could have a night away from our boys, ages 3 and 4, I naturally had some hesitations. The Nanny Connection exceeded our expectations in every way.

Our nanny arrived at our hotel and set all of my hesitations to rest with her warm spirit, her animated attention to our boys, and her professionalism. She quickly won over our boys with a suitcase full of exciting toys and with a true understanding of the situation. She made us as parents feel at ease and showed her capability to work within whatever circumstances we needed her to.

The Nanny Connection makes the entire process easy. They take the guess work out of the equation and I felt confident with the procedures they have set up to ensure that our children would be safe and have lots and lots of fun while we were out. The best part is that our nanny made the night so enjoyable for our children that they could not wait to see her again.

Setting up two more dates was easy as we called into request her return. The office is quick to answer, again a professionalism that deserves to be complimented. We have been home almost three weeks and our boys are still asking if our nanny can come over or if we could go back to Maui to see her. You can’t fool children…they know the real deal.

As a mom, I saw very clearly our nanny’s passion and gifting to work with children. She also represented so well what we all love about Maui, an Aloha Spirit. I would go as far as to say that using The Nanny Connection made our trip to Maui what is was, an unforgettable vacation. Thank you again for a wonderful experience! We wish your business well!

The Chojnacki family



Thank you for arranging our nanny for us for the care of our 4 yr. old daughter. You know I was a bit hesitant when I first considered using a nanny that we didn’t know but she was just excellent and I didn’t worry a bit when our child was in her care. I am so glad we went with your service and I would do it again in a heart beat. Please give the nanny our regards and let her know that we were very pleased with her services.

The Pindar Family



I just wanted to take a moment and give you some positive feedback. I know, especially in a service industry, you tend to hear the negatives but rarely does someone take the time to give you the positive feedback. We have used your agency since 2002 on our very first trip to Maui with our first child. Being a new parent, using a nanny agency on vacation was a new concept to me. We had a wonderful nanny who did a great job caring for our 9 month old daughter and gave my husband and I some alone time.

On our second trip we had the pleasure of having another one of your nannies assigned to us. From the moment she walked in, she had all of our attention, with her big smile, cheery personality and a love for children. Our children have grown to truly adore her. She is as close to a mom as they come. And I, you can ask anyone, am a picky mom.

My children are on a schedule – even on vacation and are expected to have respect for each other and adults and with all of this said still are to have fun and smile and be children. She followed my guidelines AND entertained the children so well. You are very lucky to have her representing your agency.


With Regards,
The Kennedy Family




Thank you so much for providing such an outstanding service on Maui . We engaged a nanny for the first time while vacationing in Wailea. After speaking with several agencies we selected The Nanny Connection because of the warmth, intelligence and competence that your staff communicated over the phone. Your credentials and certifications gave me the confidence to book a nanny and enjoy an evening out with my husband. I am so glad that I did.

I knew that my son and the nanny would hit it off at once and was very comfortable leaving him but I did not expect him to list My Nanny among his favorite parts of our vacation! I was astonished that you were able to match us with the perfect nanny for an active boy. She even played football with him! Thank you for your outstanding service and for sending us the perfect person to make the entire family comfortable.

Best Regards,
The McShane Family
Worcester, Pa.


Attention: Ms. Christine Taylor

A sincere Mahalo for once again assisting us with providing outstanding nanny service on our recent vacation to Maui. We had the great pleasure of a nanny for seven straight nights for our 12 year old son. I think this is our 5th year of having one of your nannies sit for our son. As I am sure you hear from many of your clients, she is unflappable. She can do anything and everything, can be fun and laugh and ensure the child has a good time, but runs a tight ship where the children respect her and want to please her. She is very versatile to have seen our son through so many stages of his childhood. I truly think she could work with any child of any age. She is a gem. We look forward to booking our next vacation and using the Nanny Connection!


The Prescott Family
(have used the Nanny Connection since 1996)


I just want to say thank you so much! Our nanny (we had her all week) is fantastic and so wonderful specially with my son. She has a special connection, communication and understanding of kids in the autism spectrum disorder.

As a mother one feels the child is safe, she can communicate clearly with him. Her being direct is the best asset because you need that style of communications with our children. She is easy going, you do not need to excuse your child, she just simply gets it and in our world when we find a nanny who does that she is priceless to us (parents with kids in the spectrum). We had a great and safe time, my son loves her and so the other older children. I could “leave” without worrying one minute about him that is “priceless to me”.

Thank you,
The Rojas Family



We have just returned to reality from our wonderful vacation in Maui. I just wanted to send a quick note in hopes that you will pass along our sincere THANK-YOU for your nanny’s services. She was absolutely fabulous! We have never hired a service to watch our kids before while we were on vacation so I was a little nervous in the beginning. Wow, I instantly felt better after meeting her ~ she is a gem! She brought toys and games, took our kids swimming and on long gecko hunts which is exactly what they wanted to be doing in Maui. The kids also loved how she shared her knowledge of the Island with them. They even educated us on some local Island traditions and such!

My seven year old asked if we could bring her back to Seattle with us on the airplane so should could nanny here. I guess that just about says it all! The kids loved her and so did we! Thanks again for a great experience!

The Hamakers
Bothell, WA



We just wanted to write to say how much we enjoyed having one of your nannies for our son a few weeks ago while staying at The Fairmont in Maui. We LOVED her and so did our son. She was so good with him, and she gave us some really good tips for sleeping and play exercises, which we used on vacation and continue to use now. We actually have to credit her with teaching him to “pull up” while holding onto someone’s hands.


He loves doing it and gets a big, proud smile on his face when he pulls himself into a sitting position. I just took him to his 6- month pediatrician visit last week, and the doctor was impressed with how well he sat up on his own! : )

The nanny’s experience, wisdom, and kind manner with our baby boy were truly appreciated by all three of us. I would definitely recommend your service to friends traveling there.

Thanks again. I am including some pictures as well.

The Gottfried Family



To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to let you know how absolutely wonderful our nanny was. My kids had no problem warming up to her and didn’t want her to leave when we got home.

She showed up on time – early in fact – spent time with the kids while I finished getting ready and was just absolutely darling. I wanted to take her home with us to nanny back in Utah.

I am not sure what you do with “praise” emails but please make sure she knows how much we loved her. I have attached a couple pictures I took of her with my kids. If you have a way of getting these to her I would really appreciate it.

The Collins Family
Of Utah
(the happiest mom in Hawaii)


Hello Nanny Connection,

It’s now 2 weeks since we got back from Maui, time goes so quickly. I just wanted to send you a note that the service we received from our nanny was excellent. We felt very comfortable with her immediately. She is very friendly, bubbly and my daughter warmed up to her right away.

I’m so glad we used your services in selecting the right nanny for our daughter and I would highly recommend your services to anyone. Feel free to post this on your website, as I know it made a difference to us when my husband and I were looking for someone to look after our daughter. Reading all the positive comments from other people who had used your services and the opportunity to have a brief meet and greet with our nanny made us feel much more comfortable and confident in our selection of a care giver.

Thank you so much and feel free to extend our comments to all.

Yvonne, Ron and Justine Johnson
British Columbia, Canada

The Nanny Connection:

Our family recently visited Maui for a vacation (July 18th thru July 22nd) and we heard about your services through a recommendation from the resort we stayed at, The Grand Wailea Resort & Spa. We have a three year old boy who wasn’t old enough to go to the resort’s kids camp. I contacted your company prior to our visit and was able to reserve a nanny for two evenings in a row during our stay so that my husband and I could have a couple evenings out.

I was pleasantly surprised when we met our nanny for the first time; she was pretty much exactly like I pictured her to be! She was very friendly and I almost immediately felt comfortable leaving her with our children. She was wonderful with our boys, and they had fun with her, too! It was so nice to have that piece of mind knowing they were in good hands while my husband and I enjoyed a relaxing evening!

Thank you for the wonderful service we got from your organization and from our nanny. We will definitely recommend your services to others during their stay in Maui.

The Stetter Family
Of Pennsylvania


Dear Nanny Connection,

We just wanted to thank you for providing such a great nanny to us while we were on vacation at the Grand Wailea. As soon as we met our nanny, we new she would be great! She was energetic, enthusiastic, and very knowledgeable about the hotel.

This is the first time we had someone other than family watch our kids and we are thankful that you provided such a qualified individual.

We have been home for a couple of weeks and the kids periodically ask for her. They can’t wait to go back to Maui and see her again. The next time we return to Maui, we plan to maximize the use your service. In the mean time, we will pass on your name to others that are visiting the beautiful island of Maui!

Thanks again for your excellent service!

The Shay Family
Of Pennsylvania


My husband and I and the kids wanted to say thank you! You provided us with a wonderful caregiver while we were in Maui for a business trip this last November. We felt confident when we were away from our children and they had so much fun. Taking care of three young boys isn’t the easiest job in the world but she made it seem effortless. When in Maui we will be calling again. And we’ve already told everyone we know that has children about your services.

Best Wishes,
The Prior Family of Pasadena, CA


Aloha Everyone at The Nanny Connection,


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your extremely professional service!

Receiving information about our nanny, before we arrived made my husband & I feel more at ease, and helped us to get the kids excited about meeting her. She did a wonderful job, and using your services gave my husband & I a lovely evening out to celebrate our 10th anniversary while we were in Maui.

I tried using a different service while we were in Waikiki. I ended up cancelling because I was so uncomfortable with how unprofessional they were in contrast to your professionalism, — They gave us no information about the nanny beforehand, no confirmation phone call or e-mail.

Again, thanks for doing a great job, and thanks to you for offering such a wonderful service.

Julie Dunlap
Indianapolis, IN


To whom it may concern,

I wanted to let you know how thrilled we were with our nanny during our stay at the Grand Wailea last week. Until I met her, I have never felt comfortable leaving my 4 month old daughter with anyone other than family. The baby sitter’s easy going, personable attitude, and sweet interaction with my baby put me at ease immediately. We ended up having her watch our baby every day of our trip after meeting her! Our daughter warmed up to her right away and as a result we had an even more relaxing vacation.

The nanny demonstrated nothing short of professionalism while putting the developmental needs and nurturing of our baby first. I will highly recommend your service to all my friends traveling to Maui!

Thank you,
Rachel Robison, Snoqualmie WA


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

For a mother and father that have never used a sitting service before, our family had an amazing experience with The Nanny Connection. From the website giving an enormous amount of information, to speaking with (bugging) the owner and staff several times, we were comforted before we even arrived in Maui. What stood out the most, is how important it was for The Nanny Connection to inquire about the children… female/male, personality types, activities they like, if the children prefer a younger/older and male/female, how mom and dad like things done for bedtime.

Our nanny was the most amazing thing that happened to us. The girls took to her instantly and after spending an hour with them the girls were itching for us to leave. No cries, just happy goodbyes. Two hours later we came back to two little ones fast asleep. No problems. The next day my four year old asked if our nanny could come play? I said she’d be here for the night time and she said, No… today mom! All three nights were smooth sailing.

Returning to California and back to work both my girls want to know if our nanny is going to be the babysitter? I said, “If I could fly her here, I would in a heart beat!”

We are already planning our trip for next year and will be booking a babysitter with The Nanny Connection.

Thank you-
The Coffin Family



I wanted to let you know just how great our nanny was! We were just at the Grand Wailea for a week and had a nanny for 3 days while we were there. She was great! Our 15-month old adored her. The second time that she came to watch out son, he was so excited when she walked in and couldn’t care less when we left. The thought of going on vacation and leaving your infant with someone you do not know is very difficult but your service and baby sitter made it very easy for us. We will definitely pass your services on to others going to the island.

Thank you
Julie Lee



It’s been almost a month since we visited Maui, but I wanted to be sure and let your agency know what a wonderful experience we had. We had the pleasure of one of your baby sitter’s services for two days during our stay. She immediately clicked with our little girl, who very quickly started asking her father and I to let them alone so they could play! Any anxieties we had about leaving our little girl melted away almost immediately upon meeting the nanny, and she proved to be everything that her first impression portrayed. She was fun, kind, responsible, while still maintaining total professionalism.

Thanks again! We will definitely call your service again the next time we visit Maui!

Stacy Walter
San Antonio, Texas


We coordinated through your company the services of your nanny while we attended the Roth Capital Hawaii conference. The Nanny Connection was highly recommended ahead of time to us, but you often never know how each individual sitter will be with your own children. We appreciated that you coordinated a person who could be with our children the entire week so that there was a level of comfort and consistency. Audrey provided care for both my children, one who is four months and the other who is three years old.

We had a variety of events to attend during the conference. We appreciated how she always arrived promptly and was flexible with her schedule on our return times this past week. My son enjoyed his time with her whether that be playing blocks, watching a movie, etc. We liked how she took the initiative with our four month old when she was tired or hungry to give her exactly what she needed to be comfortable. In addition, she checked in throughout each day, with status updates on the children. At all times we felt comfortable in her competency as a nanny for our children and felt entirely comfortable with whatever decision she would make on our behalf.

That is wonderful to feel when you are using a sitter for the first time.

Our children were happy and enjoyed their time with her each time she came.

We would highly recommend the Nanny Connection and hope to use your company when we return.

If possible, please share our compliments with your nanny. We’d like her to know how much we appreciated her during our stay.

Thanks again for all of your help,
The Ng Family

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